We help turn your fashion ideas into reality, from the first pattern to the last garment shipped out.

Pattern Making

All types of patterns for designers and manufacturers. Translating fashion designer's vision from paper to fabric. Model development by photo, sketch or ready sewn garment, and make changes in existing models in paper or electronic format.

Pattern Grading

Grading pattern to specific size ranges from a base size sample pattern. Generating an unlimited number of sizes from a base size pattern, each size will perfect match your specifications.

Marker Making

Highly efficient markers according to your Marker Order Specification. Place the pattern pieces on a marker with all the notes, details, and indicating the grain line. Each piece is positioned for optimized fabric usage, maximizing productivity and minimizing labor and material loss.

Marker Plotting

Print markers up to 65 inches in width, and just about any length. Our large format plotter generates uncompromising quality output on a variety of media.

Apparel Services Ltd. specialize in various aspects of apparel services including contract services, design services, sample making services and consultation. Our Company is grounded on solid experience gained over many years and is dedicated to developing exclusive apparel products for premier branded retailers, non-branded retailers, manufacturers and the finest catalog sales companies.

Transforming Sketch or Picture To a Model

Transforming Sketch or Picture To a Model

Creating the first pattern or make alterations to existing hard paper patterns or digitized data. The pattern making is performed on apparel CAD/CAM system, which is guarantee quick and accurate.
Grading From First Pattern

Grading From First Pattern

Have a first pattern and needed more sizes? We will grade all the necessary sizes to your exact specifications, as numeric or alphabetic sizes. Grading the patterns promptly and accurately.
Reducing high fabric costs

Reducing high fabric costs

Using the least amount of fabric possible, while keeping grain lines and match stripes aligned properly. We will make highly efficient markers, which will reduce fabric costs, increasing your profit margins.
Digitizing  hard copy patterns

Digitizing hard copy patterns

Hard copy patterns are captured digitally so that it can be sent to factories electronically for production or sampling or for archive all existing styles or basic blocks so can be retrieved instantly.
Whether you are new to the industry or knowledgeable in the field, we adapt to your needs and style of working. We pride ourselves in producing patterns precise in measurement, fit, and balance. We currently work with leading manufacturers and department stores, which have possibility to sew small production runs as well as many ware.