Digitizing Patterns

Hard copy patterns, old patterns hanging on a rack and soft paper patterns manually made can now be digitized into our state of the art digitizing system and put into our system for further pattern editing, modifications and setting your unique set of grading rules before making a marker.

Using our pattern digitizing services, you can have your paper patterns captured digitally so that it can be sent to your factories electronically by email for production or sampling or you can even use it to archive all your existing styles, basic blocks or slopers so that it can be retrieved instantly.

The digitizing process replicates the patterns exactly as it is. The same file can be opened and checked for measurements and corrections. Once your digitized pattern has been entered into our system we can convert it to a dxf format that can be imported by other CAD/CAM AAMA/ASTM conversion programs and export your model to your native CAD systems can be sent by email all over the world.

We can digitize in many formats:
GERBER TMP, all formats for GERBER
DXF Standard for CorelDraw

Apparel pattern piece digitizing is a time consuming process and can be expensive depending on the size of your pattern piece and complexity of your design. You must accurately provide to us all the necessary pattern piece information for your particular style or design and your pattern.

If You Send Us Something For Digitizing:

  • You need to have a hard copy or tracing of your design on paper. Paper must be flat for accurate piece digitizing and when sending out your patterns to a digitizer make sure all your pattern tracing are visible and marked with hard lines.
  • Information, as grain lines and description must be recorded on every piece. You must take the time to provide all these information and write it on each pattern piece, as this information will be useful for yourself for tracking purposes in the future.
  • A pattern card must be provided along with fabric description. Make sure you provide a list of all the pieces for every style you make to your digitizing house as these will serve also as a record for you and your digitizer of how many pieces where digitized and save into their computer digitizing system
  • You must make sure that your pattern or style to be digitized in a cad digitizing system is the correct model, as they will be digitized exactly as submitted. You must know what pieces make your design and do not mix pattern pieces that do not belong to that particular style, as you will be charged for any extra piece digitized.
  • Once your pattern has been entered into a computer system by a digitizer or digitizing service your pattern will not be modified, corrected or change by the digitizer as this will normally be a separate service charge to you and done by a professional pattern designer.

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