Marker Plotting

If you manufacture products and you need your files from your CAD system to be printed in the shortest possible time and delivered to the manufacturer than send us the files over the Internet and we will print them out.
Plotting is performed on our state of the art plotting equipment, We are able to print markers up to 65 inches in width, and just about any length. Our large format plotter generates uncompromising quality output on a variety of media. We can now create paper copies of your markers, plot your patterns, make duplicates, print your mini-plots of patterns (single size or graded nests).

Using state of the art plotters we can plot full-length markers as well as the base and graded patterns as per scale.

Once the markers have been approved, they may be plotted adding lot-specific information, providing you with additional control over your cutting. Order as many or as few copies as you need.

File formats and extensions that can be plotted:
ASSYST File by assys, plot file DAT
GERBER tmp data, PLT, GEN
HPGL Plot Files plt, hpg, hpgl, dmpl, gen, DXF, DWG
AAMA / ASMT dxf, rul

All plotted drawings can be delivered by courier.


When making a Pattern or making a marker for a given design in the apparel industry many times young designers and small start up companies can not afford the cost of a state of the art plotter due to high cost and maintenance service required periodically to maintain these digital plotters running.

Fortunately, you are not obligated to pay thousands of dollars for a state of the art paper-plotting machine when you can pay only for the pattern designs and marker you need to plot out. It is a lot economical to pay for plotting services and have duplicates or copies plot out for you when you need then only versus having to worry about buying parts for your plotting equipment because it got damaged with use and now you have to pay a leg and an arm to have it repair.

Base on the length of your marker to be plot out you will pay by meter prize or a minimum plotting charge which in comparison to paying a monthly service charge to maintain a plotter running is a very small fraction of the prize to be paid not mentioning the cost of paper for plotting which is expensive too.

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