About Us

We are a pattern service studio, dedicated to offering personalized service. You, the client, are our first priority. Whether you are new to the industry or knowledgeable in the field, we adapt to your needs and style of working. We pride ourselves in producing patterns precise in measurement, fit, and balance. We currently work with leading manufacturers and department stores, which have possibility to sew small production runs as well as many ware. With 12 years of experience, we advise on design detail, fit, production, cost cutting, and solutions to your needs.

We combine practical experience with time-tested knowledge to develop, implement and teach innovative, clear technical communication techniques that drive all aspects of effective technical design programs. We know how to make garments fit. We know how to communicate necessary information so manufacturers can produce garments effectively.

Main Activity

Main activity of the company is offering a full range of CAD/CAM services. We try to approach every client individually taking into consideration the machine park and human resources, as well as the established ways of working in your company. We make patterns, samples and production. We also do consulting and sourcing at no cost to clients. We can give an opinion if asked. We can give you our design opinion and provide technical sketches for the cutters (page that gives sewing info) but as far as designing or making beautiful sketches for the purpose of marketing, we can suggest someone.

If you want them to fit like certain styles that you have, we can go off those and work in the style lines. If it is something that you don’t have a garment for, we will get enough info from you to make it happen.

Providing Complete Packages

We can provide complete packages of apparel and garment services. From design, pattern making, grading, marker making, sample making, cut and sew to finishing the garment. We can give you our design opinion and provide technical sketches, work in the style lines. Our services are used for starting-up production companies and designer labels and for large international companies with strict confidentiality of available models and data.

We offering large-scale productions and services, so if you have a need for regular apparel contracting, look at the services we provide for apparel manufacturing:

  • Fashion start-up consultation
  • Development
  • First patterns and pattern revisions
  • Samples and sample duplicates
  • Grading
  • Marking
  • Cutting (only as a part of cutting and sewing, not a stand alone service)
  • Sewing
  • Finishing (as part of cutting and sewing services only; for full finishing work, please utilize a finishing-only company)
  • Packaging (packaging supplies provided by customer)
  • Sourcing and Production Coordination

Reducing Margin Costs

In terms of reduced margins garment industry is increasingly looking for solutions that reduce costs. Many merchants and manufacturers are turning towards the exported services (outsourcing) to achieve their goals. The fact is that a company cannot do everything very well and by economically effective way as a company specializing in this activity. Outsourcing allows to reduce the burden of non-core but important processes in the manufacture of garments. Companies that do everything themselves have much higher costs. Large percent of staff time is occupied with no main activity of the company.

Assignment of this work to outside contractors greatly reduces the costs. The increased efficiency will give to your company an important competitive advantage. Our services eliminate the need to find, hire, train and manage qualified staff and at the same time you get the work of professionals with extensive experience and only when you need it.

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