Pattern Making

We making all types of patterns for designers and manufacturers. Our service is fully computerized, so we can create a first pattern from sketch or by rough sample. We can work with a company that is already established or a new designer that wants to develop a new line. We have the ability to work with anyone throughout the world. Our patternmakers have long years experience making patterns. Simply send us the sketch or sample to copy. All you need to do is e-mail us the sketch or existing pattern that needs to revised.

Transforming Sketch or Picture To a Model

We can create the first pattern or make alterations to existing hard paper patterns or digitized data. Everything from a simple T shirt or pants to fully constructed jackets, suits and wedding dresses.

We can develop for you a model by photo, sketch or ready sewn garment, and make changes in existing models in paper or electronic format.

You can send us a picture of the model you want to design through the format for sending a file or on our e-mail mentioned in contacts. We will consider it and will respond back with offer for a cost and time to implement the model.
We could create pattern off of a sample garment if you don’t have sketch or picture.

The first pattern can be created based on any of below information you can provide:

  • Sketch and size specification
  • Sample

Our Pattern makers are responsible for translating a fashion designer’s vision from paper to fabric. Often working with a mere drawing, the pattern maker transforms the image into the actual design. Oftentimes, designers sketch only the front of a design, leaving the rest of the design to the pattern maker. Many designers do not even know how to sew, and sometimes the sketches cannot actually be made. For instance, a particular type of fabric that the designer envisions may not be able to be cut or sewn to the designer’s original image.

Our pattern makers often works in conjunction with the designer to create the actual designs. From suits to dresses, the two must work together to ensure that the original vision is created in fabric. Often the original design is modified as the two works in conjunction to make the design a reality.

As designs become increasingly more complex, the role of a pattern maker becomes more important.

First patterns

You could send us your specification or we can offer you ours. Also we could make pattern alterations and audits of every type. Everything from a simple T shirt to coats and jackets. After first patterns specify we will prepare it for manufacture, according your needs.

Our pattern making is performed on apparel CAD/CAM system, which is guarantee quick and accurate. Gives possibility changes values concerning the shrinkage depending fabric or sewing technology.

Working process

  1. Pattern Making: From sketches or tailored model we will develop a first pattern of the model with specialized CAD/CAM computer system for clothes. In developing the model with the CAD system we check patterns as we forge and sew the model from fabric to check the pattern in fabric.
  2. Stitching: We will send you a basic size of the pattern for stitching the model in your company.
  3. Clarification of model: We will comply with your vision and comments about the model and make up 3 free model corrections.
  4. Grading: After approval of the stitched sample the model is graded in size.
  5. Marker Making: After grading we will do a breakdown of the numbers in size and will arrange and render markers according to your requirements for production and shrinkage of the fabric.
  6.  Documentation: Construction of documentation on measurement data and standard cost for materials needed for the model.

Digital Patterns

The benefits of having your patterns stored by computer are:

  • Improved measurement accuracy
  • Ability to transfer patterns or markers via email
  • Reducing production costs

Using Pattern Making Services

Business Reasons for Using Pattern Making Services:

  • For Companies with In-House Pattern Makers
  • For Companies Currently Out-Sourcing Pattern Making with Production
  • For Small Companies and Start-Ups

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